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Adopting a spot is easy.

  • Choose a Spot – Select an area you feel passionately about. This can be your local stretch of beach, a park, reserve, community area or school. We also have vacant areas listed on our MAP BELOW

  • Register your interest – Email us at with your nominated area.

  • Complete Safety Induction – Return the safety induction paperwork and watch our safety video prior to commencing your first clean. You can find the video here 

  • Start cleaning – Once you have officially adopted your spot and completed the paperwork you are ready to get started on your first clean. Have fun!


  • Capture your results – Remember to take a picture of your findings and share with us either via FB or email. Please include the name of your spot, time spent cleaning and how many people (registered) participated.                                      The pictures and data will be stored in your spots album on our FB page @adoptaspotscheme where other adopters can see your findings.


While adopters can participate to the level they feel comfortable we kindly ask that our two target items CIGARETTE BUTTS and PLASTIC BOTTLE LIDS are counted or made easily identifiable in the image so we can count these plastics as accurately as possible.

If you're interested in sponsoring us, please send us a message

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