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Educational Resources

To support your journey toward sustainable products and practices AASS offers a range of educational materials and services available upon request.


Carpus book cover.jpg

Carpus the Fish

Inspired by an AASS plastic art piece, Carpus the fish is an educational story that illustrates the impact of plastic pollution on marine life. The story also provides examples of how children can move toward sustainable choices using a question answer format at the end.


Flatlay Sorting Sheet

To assist sorting and data capture for large cleans this reusable/ cleanable tarpaulin is a great way to comparatively track plastic trends by area.

Available for purchase or hire on request.

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School Presentations

Tailored to age, location & school learning objectives, AASS offer flexible and interactive presentations designed to explore the cause and impact of marine debris on a local and global scale while encouraging students to develop sustainable strategies for the future.


Community Presentations

These can accompany a group clean or be presented in any social space. Content is usually adult centred with a slide show and various supportive props.



Plastics Surfboard

Designed as a roaming art piece and conversation starter, this piece accompanies presentations.

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