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Education through Art

John of Rebirth X & Carly of AASS

Designed to act as a roaming educational piece, this marine debris surfboard is the collaboration of three environmental brands; Cheer Wetsuits, (who commissioned the piece), Rebirth x Customs, (design and materials) & the Adopt A Spot Scheme, (whose volunteers collected the plastics and cigarettes).

The concept, was to cleverly showcase the problematic and ongoing presence of marine debris throughout the Mid Coast Surfing Reserve and beyond.

John of Rebirth x Customs used upcycled materials to build the foam inlay in which the plastic sits. These plastics and some 3000 cigarettes collected from throughout the SA coastline, are arranged to represent the shoreline from O'Sullivan Beach to Silver Sands.

The duel fins display two fast food wrappers.

The AASS logo design reflects the intimate connection between land and sea & encapsulates there goal of connecting communities and coastlines.

The board, (completed August 2020) is shown during community and school presentations to highlight consumer habits and waste, & illustrate the importance of sustainable choices including moving toward a circular economy.

And yes despite the cigarettes absorbing huge amounts of resin, the board can be surfed!!

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