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Plastics Mural

Updated: Aug 15, 2023


In collaboration with our good friend John from Rebirth X Customs, a business designed to repurpose and upcycle surf boards from off cut materials/unwanted items, AASS is creating a huge 2.5 metre plastic marine debris art piece.

When complete, this eye-catching mural design will be displayed on the Rebirth headquarters outside wall, near Valley of Yore, on main south road Myponga.

The purpose of this piece, (yet untitled) is to encourage passers-by to stop and have a picture whilst also learning about plastic pollution.

Design by Cypher has developed the ocean themed mural concept which is broken into 9 separate square pieces using offcut composite panel and then installed together to create one huge image.

Each piece currently resides with 9 different groups or individual artists who are adhering plastic pieces collected from the SA coastline.

The end result will be a collaboration of numerous artists and volunteer debris collectors, with a tallied amount of time and pieces.

In keeping with the AASS theme of ‘connecting communities and coastlines’ we cannot wait to share this with a wider range of people while creatively showcasing our ‘clean beach’ culture.

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